Adam McWilliams <adamcmcw@gmail.com> https://rentrecovery.com/case-files/dkrentals-adam-621-summertree-ct-se-2500
Date: Wed, Mar 27, 2024 at 1:31 PM
Subject: Re: Registered: Validation of debt letter for Adam McWilliams
To: <tonylocke@rentrecovery.com>
Message from Adam: Actually my current balance with them is less than $150 and I have an email from them saying they are removing that charge. Please organize with DKRentals and remove the debt. I have all my documentation, emails, call logs and screenshots of my current balance. Thank you,
⅘ DD emailed Todd to verify
⅘ Estaban @ DK said the actual balance is $125.17 and 4/8 just said “he owes”
4/14 DD asked TL to respond since he has previous correspondences from Adam
4/19 Adam disputed our invoice stating the fee is erroneous and that he has a million emails
4/22 TL will reach out to Todd saying we are dropping. DD to reach out to Adam and telling him we are dropping it
4/22 TL emailed Todd but said we were NOT dropping it
4/23 DD emailed Adam and advised him we are dropping this debt. BCC RL & TL
4/26 Todd emailed DD & said they never told Adam they were dropping it.
4/29 TL no more letters and and do not mark credit … let it go stale

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