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Post Move Out Collection Systems for Property Managers

Historically, professional property managers throw in the towel when it comes to chasing tenants for money once they vacate the property. Rent Recovery, LLC is dedicated to training, equipping and providing tools to change this tradition.

Our mission is to help professional property managers recognize, embrace, and cash in on the opportunities of a rent recovery business.

Remember, we do Consulting, not collections. If you owe money and you are trying to pay a bill, then you need to contact one of our clients, not us. We have no way to discover who holds your account. We want to be helpful, but there is no way to help you pay a bill when it isn't owed to us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why don't landlords pursue tenants for unpaid balances after move out?

(1) Professional property managers are often too busy managing occupied properties to divert their attention to past tenants. "I'm too busy." (2) They haven't developed the procedures and tools needed to pursue past tenants. "I don't know how." (3) They don't believe they will have much success. "There's no money it." (4) Collecting from tenants after they vacate the property feels like "debt collection" rather than property management. "It's not part of my scope of service" or "licensed realtors don't do debt collection." (5) No one in the industry has successfully paved the way to show managers how this can be done... Until Now!!!

So what has changed?

For the first 20 years in the property management business, we followed the tradition of our industry and didn't chase tenant's unpaid balances after they moved out. We followed our industry lead and turned them over to a collection agency (or handed it back to the owner) with little success.