Renita Buckner

24758 Grand Harbor Dr Apt 1802

Katy, TX 77494


(832) 898-3401

April 29, 2024

Rent Recovery, LLC

10800 Alpharetta Hwy, Suite 208-714

Roswell, GA 33076

Subject: Dispute of Debt Account# TPLLLC-Renita-Mar28-6765

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to formally dispute the validity and legality of the debt associated with account number TPLLLC-Renita-Mar28-6765. This correspondence serves as a formal notice of dispute regarding the alleged debt currently under your collection efforts.

The circumstances surrounding this debt unequivocally indicate a breach of contract, rendering the debt null and void. The Landlord's actions constituted a violation of my rights as a tenant by breaching Texas's implied warranty of habitability, leading to a constructive eviction. Consequently, the lease agreement has effectively terminated, absolving both parties of any further obligations to each other.

Specifically, the landlord failed to address the mold hazard, initially reported on January 19, 2023, thereby breaching the lease agreement and rendering it void. Despite my efforts to resolve the issue, including engaging Reliant Mold Testing to conduct an independent assessment, the landlord neglected their duty to remediate the situation within the specified timeframe outlined in the notice sent on 10/09/2023 and 10/11/2023 via email and certified mail, respectively.

Furthermore, the landlord's subsequent attempt at remediation on 10/20/2024, using an unlicensed contractor, proved ineffective, as confirmed by a follow-up inspection conducted by a licensed mold remediation contractor on 10/24/2024.

The prolonged exposure to toxic mold spores from January 19, 2023, until the attempted remediation on October 20, 2023, spanning 274 days, constitutes an unreasonable duration to endure such hazardous conditions.

Moreover, the transfer of this disputed debt to your agency by Renter’s Warehouse, subsequent to their acknowledgment of no longer managing the property, raises questions of legitimacy and accountability.

Given the breach of contract and constructive eviction, any obligation to fulfill the terms of the lease agreement, including payment of the alleged debt, is invalidated. Consequently, I demand an immediate cessation of all collection activities related to this account.

Furthermore, I request comprehensive documentation supporting the validity of this debt, including copies of the original contract, any subsequent communications pertaining to the debt, before and after photos/videos of alleged damage and repairs, invoices, receipts, and contact information of vendors involved in repairs. I expect detailed itemization of all expenses incurred.

Additionally, I seek clarification on any legal actions you intend to pursue in this matter.

Please be advised that I am fully prepared to take further legal action to safeguard my rights and interests if necessary.


Renita Buckner

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