3690 Aubusson Tr Johns Creek, GA 30022 outstanding balance

Robert M. Locke RMP, MPM
Apr 29, 2024, 3:41 PM
to kimdrewpr, bcc: tony

Our last communication regarding this balance has not been responded to. I'm not sure how to interpret this but generally "silence" is not a cooperative message.
If you'd like to come to some settlement on this we're happy to accommodate.
We have made a proposal that seems to meet both of our needs.
Please let me know your intentions as we intend to continue our collection processes regarding this outstanding balance.

Robert M. Locke RMP, MPM
Apr 30, 2024, 11:26 AM (4 days ago)
to Leslie, rus, Kim, bcc: tony

I was not made aware of the fact that you've been making payments to DKR
Now that I know I'm putting a pause on our collection processes.
NOTHING will be done until I have completed my investigation on this matter.
Please notify all your parties of this email.
I'll send an update before the end of the week.
Thank you for your ongoing communication.

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