A direct email from Robert to Jaimie confirming the amount due.

Robert M. Locke RMP, MPM
Apr 29, 2024, 3:32 PM
to jaimienicolee, bcc: tony

I'm following up on your dispute with Rent Recovery regarding DKRentals.com claims of amounts outstanding.

I've grilled the manager regarding this charge and they stand firm on their claim that the two charges, totaling $1055, are legitimate and still outstanding.
They claim that the move in inspection, move out inspection (and photos at move-out) confirm that these charges are valid. As a result of this conversation
Rent Recovery will continue to pursue this outstanding balance. Beginning sometime late in May an outstanding balance report will be filed with the credit
bureaus showing this unpaid balance. This report will continue monthly until the account is satisfied. If you have additional questions feel free to contact me at this
email address. Thank you for your attention to this issue.

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