Email from Denise to the PM April 22
Dear Esteban,

The tenant has officially disputed the amount owed. This is a common event in the debt collection world and requires a response from you within 10 days.

First, hit reply and let me know you received this notification so I can check off my list that you received it.

On the Document Library page on our site (under the heading “Housekeeping Issues” at the bottom of the page), item number three is titled “Description of amount owed and Dispute Resolution Response.” Review the comments and video, then download the response document we’ve provided. It’s simple and should be kept brief.


Using your lease, move-out inspection charges and other evidence, complete that form and return it to me for review. Don’t go into a lot of detail titling all your charges. Simply record Stip #14 for $1,000 and Stip #23 for $355 and so on. Don’t identify “Late Fees” for the charges, just Stip #XX and the dollar amount.

Return that to me within the next 10 days. We’ll review it and recommend revisions or simply forward it to the tenant. This will complete your requirement for response. No more is necessary.

Often managers have not updated the tenant’s payment ledger after they vacate. This might be a good time to update all the charges on this tenant’s ledger since it’s all fresh in your mind. You may need it and the longer you wait the less you’ll remember about the charges. By filing a dispute we know that this tenant may become combative and we may have trouble from them. Having your tenant ledger matching the dispute resolution will be helpful. Be sure to confirm that the charges on the tenant’s ledger matches the claims you’re making on this dispute resolution document.

As always contact me if you have any questions.

At your service

Denise Dimbath, Tenant Coordinator


Cc: Robert and Tony

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