Carmen McGrady <carwilliams574@gmail.com>
Wed, Apr 10, 2:49 PM (9 days ago)
to tonylocke, Contact

To whom it may concern,
I am unsure as to why this was reported to the credit bureaus since we had an agreement that I would pay monthly. I have paid both March and April on time. See my documentation attached.
I have had the worst experience with this predatory property management company. My credit score has been hugely impacted by their actions.
I just tried calling but was unable to reach you at the 770 589 1970 number.

Please email or contact me at your earliest convenience. My cell is 678-365-5919. I was under the assumption that I was dropping off checks at the DKRentals.net at 11285 Elkins Rd B-2, Roswell, GA 30076.
Is this not correct or should I only be paying directly to you?

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