Our Founding Primary Team

Monica K. Gilroy, Esquire, Monica Gilroy is the founding member and managing partner of The Gilroy Firm in Atlanta, Georgia. For over 30 years, Monica’s national law practice has centered on real estate litigation and assisting property management companies, franchises, capital groups, brokers and owners with all aspects of their business and properties. She works closely and in concert with the Atlanta NARPM Chapter and NARPM National (where she is general counsel) providing legal services and training to its members. Additionally, Monica works with property managers, lenders and real estate companies in handling Fair Housing issues, collecting rent post move-out and to create protocols to prevent litigation in all aspects of real estate and property management. Monica has been named a Top 50 Women Super Lawyer for two years. Monica is a national speaker and educator on property management, real estate and related litigation topics. She has handled fair housing claims in 17 states for property managers and foreclosures in 32 states for lenders. In Georgia she has represented property managers at Magistrate Court, Superior Court and at the Georgia Court of Appeals.

Robert M. Locke, RMP, MPM Robert graduated from Michigan State University in 1969 with a degree in Business and Marketing, got his real estate license in 1973 and has practiced real estate sales, investing and property management since. He and his wife Betty have bought over 100 houses for their own account and have located over 500 houses for their investor clients. Robert started managing rentals for others in 1980 as Crown Management Corporation and over 9,000 tenants have rented from Crown since then. Robert sold Crown to Coldwell Banker in 2015 with 1,000 houses under management in the north Atlanta market. Crown’s clients included private investors, real estate investment trusts, banks, government agencies, builders, lenders and many other brokers. Robert is past president and board member of the Atlanta chapter of the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM). He received the Residential Management Professional (RMP) designation in 1998, his Master Property Manager (MPM) designation in 1999, and Crown received the coveted Certified Residential Management Company (CRMC) designation in 2000. Robert is a lifetime member of NARPM and a frequent speaker at local, regional and national real estate conferences.

Tony Locke earned multiple college degrees in pursuit of his first career when he served as an Army Chaplain and then pastored for twenty years. In 2008 he launched a non-profit with the belief that four people at a Waffle House knew better how to change their community than most people in Washington, D.C. His non-profit then used technology, branding and leadership development to help common citizens to launch hundreds of great ideas.

Tony is an excellent public speaker, copy editor, project manager and a solutions expert. He is a reseller for AWS, Google and many other online technologies. He is married with four children and lives within the North Atlanta area.

Denise Dimbath graduated from the University of South Florida in 1994. She was a school teacher before joining Crown Realty & Management in 2000 as Robert Locke's assistant. With no prior legal experience, she helped Crown grow their rent recovery department recovering over 1 million dollars in her first 10 years. She frequently attends court on behalf of our rent recovery business and assists our clients around the nation in their rent recovery business. She has handled the rent recovery operations and was instrumental in perfecting the process to recover money including sending letters, negotiating payment programs, preparing documents, filing court actions, preparing for and attending court and collecting money post judgment using interrogatories, garnishment of bank accounts, garnishment of wages, and securing liens on personal property. Denise's 20 years of experience growing our rent recovery business is the foundation on which she will help you grow yours.