What Does It Mean To Work With With Rent Recovery, LLC

For 12 years the creators of Rent Recovery, LLC developed a business model of collecting delinquent accounts (after move-out) for property manager Crown Realty & Management Corporation (CRMC) in Roswell, Georgia. After 12 years of struggles, set backs, learning curves and, ultimately, success, Rent Recovery, LLC was formed to train, embolden and coach professional property managers across the nation to enter the rent recovery business safely, profitably and in full compliance with the laws and ethics that govern the business.

We’ve assembled a crack team of experts in the various aspects of this business to help you set up a rent recovery business fully equipped and compliant to begin collecting from your past tenants.

We took almost a year to figure out how we wanted to do this. We considered a franchise, an ownership interest, in everyone’s rent recovery business and finally concluded that an intellectual property license made the most sense. Our clients (your rent recovery business) secures an intellectual property license with Rent Recovery, LLC (our company) giving you access to what we know: our letters, assignments, notes, forms, systems, processes and people. We’ll hand hold you through every stage of the collection process from dealing with the property owner (your client) to marking credit, responding to disputes, filing a claim with the courts, preparing for court, drafting consent agreements and notes, processing judgments, garnishments, interrogatories and car liens. We’ve done it all and we’re putting it all in the training modules and videos with 24-hour access from our website. We’ve assembled a substantial team of experts to help you execute your recovery plan and built the tools to make it easy.

A Team of Authorized Service Providers

  • A national credit reporting company
  • A strong website development partner
  • An online payment servicing company
  • A merchant account provider
  • Debt collection attorneys
  • A real estate litigation attorney

A Package of Intellectual Property

  • Procedures
  • Letters
  • Forms
  • Checklists
  • Assignments
  • Training videos
  • Compliance documents

A Service Package of Tools

  • Websites
  • Merchant accounts
  • Online tenant payment records
  • Secure emails
  • Payment portals
  • URLs
  • Credit-marking tools

Although we won’t be partners in the formal sense of the word, we’ll be committed to your success in your rent recovery enterprise. We’ve deferred 85% of our license fees to be paid after you have collected tens of thousands of dollars in profits. We are committed to your success and, other than a small initial payment; we won’t get paid until you do.

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