Candace says there is a $12,900 judgment against Mr. Powell

⅘ Wayne Powell Dispute Judgement $11,000 called lightspeed
404-808-6113 Gatekeeper took over management for 250 Teak Lane. He was there for 8 years. Owes almost $18,000. Had dispo judgment for $11,000. He’s 100% disabled. Had major surgery. No motor skills so cannot fill out form online or dispute in writing.Cannot work. Said they jacked rent from $1,100 to $1,800/month. He could not afford the increase. He continued to send $1,100/month but they returned it then filed for eviction.
4/22 DD to email Gatekeeper to see if it’s legitimate and what should we do
4/23 DD emailed Crystal explaining situation and be sure she wants us to pursue. CC RL & TL
4.24 RL conversation w Candace/Kim. They have a judgment for something. This was take=over-mgt and Candace is looking over file to find evidence of the amt owed, lease, move in and move out charges. Waiting on her response. RL
4/24 Candace emailed for advice on how to handle since disabled. 4/25 DD forwarded to RL for assistance
4/29 RL to follow up … RL emailed Candace to confirm “still to pursue for now” .. waiting for response
5/2 RL response from Candace “we have a $12,900 judgment .. lets talk about what’s next

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