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Tue, Apr 23, 8:27 AM (11 days ago)
to candace, MPM, Tony


I spoke with Wayne Powell regarding his outstanding balance and he informed me he was there for 8 years and his rent drastically increased and he could not afford it so he continued to pay the old rent which was returned and he has a huge balance. He also stated the balance is more than his dispo judgment. (I explained to him how this happens and why his incorrect rent payments were returned).

He claims to be 100% disabled, had major surgery and cannot work.

We just wanted to confirm you wanted us to pursue this balance. Please advise.

At your service,

Candace Peterson
Wed, Apr 24, 10:58 AM (10 days ago)
to Kim, Denise, MPM, Tony

Good Morning,
Thank you for reaching out.

Our Attorney did state Mr. Powell is disabled when we were at Court with him in November. She advised he may fall under a Disability Act Relief: are y’all familiar with that? We would like to be able to collect on him, but we also don’t want to violate any laws of course. Please advise.

Please do not hesitate to contact me directly with any further questions and / or concerns.

Warm Regards,

Candace Peterson
Office Manager

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