Two months of sending Certified Mail were sent back to our office so we have switched to Certified Email for Robert Dufek
RMail Acknowledgement – Proof of Sending https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cQ7zqkG-mXy6X0J86ZvxDf6sQPQ3YzK1/view?usp=sharing

This message certifies that the email below was sent.
Message Details <jldrazen@gmail.com>
Subject: Rent Recovery Notice for Robert Dufek
Tracking Number: 1E2F1C86737B46F583E9A6718381FA3F52C72898

1. *UTC represents Coordinated Universal Time: https://www.rmail.com/resources/coordinated-universal-time/
2. RMail will send a Registered Receipt™ record within two hours as your proof of delivery, content, and official time.
3. All Bcc addresses will be included in your Registered Receipt email.
4. The Registered Receipt email contains the full list of the recipient addresses to which the message was transmitted.

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